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Trust in me, I'll show you the way,
Let those fears of loss go stray.
I will take you, and make you, and brighten your path,
But now you must do all that I ask.

Trusting me, now you will see,
All the things they can not be.
A life fulfilled with greatness of being,
Glimpses of all that is ever worth seeing.

All I ask is that you come bearing,
Your soul and spirit, in turn you’ll get caring.
A love that devotion self-curates,
And hunger for life that won't satiate.

Process & Medium:
AI, Digital Compositing & Painting, Sacrifice

3360 × 4200

tu ðoʊz hu wɪʃ tə bɪˈɡɪn əˈnu, ə ˈsæk.rə.faɪs ɪz ɑ skt ʌv ju