Conjuring Self

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Focus now, we must believe,
we can become, anything.

Sit at the table, our hands our able.
To conjure self, Cane or Able?

Light or dark, we light the spark
While divine self makes its mark.

Hold it in, for fear of, retribution,
of the one and only, public institution
where they sit, and wonder, and gaze at our blaze
with jealousy, envy, and ignorant daze.

Process & Medium:
AI, Digital Compositing & Painting, Sacrifice

3360 × 4200

tu ðoʊz hu wɪʃ tə bɪˈɡɪn əˈnu, ə ˈsæk.rə.faɪs ɪz ɑ skt ʌv ju