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"Per Ascensum Invenīemus Libertatem"

Through ascension, we will find freedom.

"Real Thoughts" - NFT Rome - 2023

As a second part to the earlier piece in the Real Thoughts exhibition , "Let Them Eat Crypto", this work acts as the antithesis to the crisis we see in front of us around the world. We must rise, both spiritually and societally in order to truly find freedom and create global stability.

The composition purposefully reflects a similar layout as "Let Them Eat Crypto", specifically the tall rectangular focal point, main figure, and those looking on. In contrast to the first work, Ascensum is more positive in nature, and pushes a narrative of social and environmental harmony through ascension.

Process & Medium: (Mixed media, AI, Photoshop)
Developed with a highly unique elemental process involving the blending of the artist's own Oil Paintings, Photography, Found textures, and Sketchbook studies combined with AI, and finally digitally compositing with Photoshop.