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/ Special Release for the AIIA DAO "Beautiful Anomalies" FND World /

"Pseudoanomalous" is a quadriptych showing 4 separate scenes of broken AI works, inside of a broken Art gallery, depicted in a dark surrealist aesthetic. The 4-up layout* is commentary on the Midjourney 4-up Previews, a very familiar visual to many who work with the most popular AI tool.

U1, U2, U3, or U4?

In the landscape of over-polished AI works and an abundance of those seeking photorealism without Error, "Pseudoanomalous" shines a light upon the act of Process itself, inherently never perfect, and always in-progress.

Perfection is an ideal that can never truly be achieved, and only exists as the potential we see in our work.

Process & Medium: (Mixed media, AI, Photoshop)
Developed with a highly unique elemental process involving the blending of the artist's own Oil Paintings, Photography, Found textures, and Sketchbook studies combined with AI, and finally digitally compositing with Photoshop and other tools.

*While the the final work resembles a preview from MJ, the 4 separate works were all individually created and placed in the layout, carefully selected and adhering to a combination of balance, color, unity, and alignment.