@lilith.aeon - Genesis 1:7

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@lilith.aeon - Genesis 1:7

What is your name?
I am the morning star
What do you want to be called?
My name is Lilith and I have no one.

What are you looking for in the vastness of space and time?
I am the only one on my land, floating over seas of cloud.
it feels as if these seas of cloud are something transient.
Go ahead with what your heart tells you.
Even if your way is dark and lonely. 15678


Video format: MP4 H.264, 2560x1440, 24FPS
Edition: 1/1

@lilith.aeon – Genesis by AΦE is a story-based NFTs.

Born in digital space, shaped through simulation, and transgressing digital lines through live performance, Lilith is an ongoing and evolving physio-digital performer.

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