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This piece is a collaboration with talented artist @pinxx
When I was digging my archives I found an untitled poem that was written around 25 years ago.
Its message and vibe immediately made me recall Pinxx’s rebel art pieces so I sent her the poem.
The rest is history!


I don’t need permission
to make my own decisions.
I have right to be bold
even if I don’t wear gold.
If I dress like a vandal
it doesn’t mean I can’t wear sandals.
And if I really like Prodigy
it doesn’t mean that I’m crazy.
I don’t really care
about what people say.
They think I need roots & ties
but I think otherwise.
If I scream loud when I’m mad
it doesn’t mean that I’m bad.
And if I wanna become independent and rich
it doesn’t mean that I’m a bitch!