Bricklayers #09. Mudança

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Artist: Andres Patricio

Technique: Photogrammetry

File: Interactive GLB - 48MB

Edition: 1/1

This piece marks the beginning of a new phase for the Bricklayers project on a new room after yet another move.

Additional Information: Bricklayers arose from the investigation of my memories and experiences mainly related to the issues of my immigration, constant moving around and the process of cultural assimilation.

It is an ongoing series made using a technique called Photogrammetry which captures this everchanging space to create an interactive 3D model of each iteration before it changes again.

"(..)Even without knowing for sure why, we are always changing and transforming our spaces. I never got to ask my grandma why she would do that, whether she had a bigger goal or whether she even thought about it. To me I guess that's just something we do.

In the middle of one of many days of renovation, with a taste of dust and a smell of paint, my parents and I reflected: we are albañiles."