The first light from Cape Comorin

Minted on Sep 28, 2021
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As you know, I like photographing and watching sunrises. So I traveled to Cape Comorin, India's southernmost tip, simply to photograph a sunrise. This is one of my most valuable and favorite clicks. In the backdrop, you can see the Vivekananda rock and the Thiruvalluvar monument. I took this photo a few minutes before dawn, and you can see the Thiruvalluvar monument lit with electric lights.

I lost my Lee GND 0.9 filter into the sea waves shortly after this snap, while changing filters. I couldn't search for the filter because the water was too turbulent, and I ended up losing it permanently.

Because I wanted to give up all of my rights to this picture, I chose to keep it under a CC0 license. This would be my first NFT published under the CC0 license.

I, Agnisoonu K, offer a global copyright license to download, distribute, and use as desired, without the requirement for permission from the artist or NFT owner.

The license becomes effective only once the NFT has been sold.