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ब्राह्मी(Brahmi) goddess to all knowledge, music, art, speech and learning.
Brahmi is another
name for Devi Saraswati, which means the energy of Brahm(Supreme God).This artwork
concludes my growing interest in murals, graffiti and poster art. It is a tribute to Goddess
Saraswati for everything I've learned. Merging a deity with India's emerging pop art culture
was my perspective throughout the art process. Starting with a portrait by choosing the right
pose and painting it all in b/w.
Saraswati Ji is always seen with a veena,
Ved and a Jaap-maala.I gave the Veena a fantasy approach to show the enlightenment and balance of knowledge throughout the
universe. The mural background includes various mantras, chants and symbols ॐ of Hindu
Tools: Ibispaint mobile-4k
Artwork by afterlife

** Music/Vocals by Samarth Saxena,recorded in studios with pro musicians, exclusive to the Rebel Club's Diwali Collab, with 15+ artists.


Artwork: CC BY-SA
Audio: CC-BY-NC-SA