05 Capsule Alley

Minted on Sep 15, 2021
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1/1 Series : Runtime Compilation 01-05

In the interregnum after the Coalition collapsed, and before the EBU took over, the lack of regulation resulted in some 'creative' constructions in the alleyways of Neo Metropolis (or whatever it was called then; the name seems to have been in dispute).

The EBU generally turns a blind eye to these pre-code barnacles, as long as the business licenses (and corporate tribute payments) are all paid up. Squats are also common: scrappy DIY capsule dwellings cantilevered off the sides of buildings.

This pre-fab pod siphons power and hot water from exposed conduits (feeding a megacorp that recently made Sheng Xin Magazine's "Lucky 8" index). It's got a great view of the bustle below.

And it's home.

Purchase includes full track download. As the owner of this NFT, you are also granted a license to include the music in your own collaborative NFT (attribution required with a 20% royalty).

Visuals by David Sawchak
Music by Abel Okugawa & SGS