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With age we gradually become less sensitive, more calculating and cold.We think rationally, we try not to show our feelings.We turn into a stone, into a cold monument without emotion.Of course, this is all from the blows in life. But you can not let the stone to take over, because in life there are still so many good and warm moments.
Visually, this work can be divided into two parts! If you look from a distance, it looks like the girl is calm. If you cover the right side (with positive emotions) with a piece of paper, you can see how unemotional this stone statue is. I tried to convey this part with precise and flowing lines to convey this inanimate atmosphere. If you close the left side, you will see a smiling and lively girl. These vibrant emotions fill our lives. In this part I used texture brushes and bright colors to convey the movement of life and to draw your attention to the fact that life is full of colors and you should not let yourself miss these emotions.