Hidden Realities 🌌

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What do you believe?

David Hume said that ideas come to exist into the realm of consciousness by combining two of more pre-existing elements

Now imagine not being limited to this dimension, being able to travel to any part of the multiverse.
Everything that has, will and is existing would be perceivable and observable.

What if certain people have this ability?
Either divine natural talent or by enhanced neural stimulation

Do they imagine something from nothing or capture ideas that exist elsewhere?

Perhaps artists are not so much ‘imagining’ concepts, but in actuality, travel to other realities, bring back and illustrate things which exist, existed or will exist, far beyond people's known perception of time and space

Artists are aliens who go back and forth from this dimension, retrieving, disclosing and presenting hidden realities to the world.

ViNNi KiNiKi (@vinnikiniki) x Claudio Bel (@ClaudioBel2)

👽 2022 ✨ Edition 1/1
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