Tentacles of Fear Stung to Life by Dream of Wasp

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You are afraid. Deep and incomprehensible fear. I understand you. It's easier to ignore, to maintain a comfortable existence, to keep your environment safe and limited.

I'm here to tell you, comfort is overrated.

From this moment on you will stop fighting and face your fear, interrupt your comfort, and take the risk of doing the hard things that need to be done.

Fear will no longer be an obstacle between who you are now and who you are supposed to become.

Trust me, your strength will overcome your fear. Keep calm. You’re growing. You´re evolving. You´re getting closer and closer to your true self. There will be those who like it, and those who do not.

Today being yourself is a revolutionary act, this transformation is yours to take charge and to be proud of.

It's time to stop wishing for your dreams, it's time to start living in them.

ViNNi KiNiKi (@vinnikiniki) x Andrea Arroyo (@_andrea_arroyo)

👽 2021 ✨ Edition 1/1
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