Still Life Symphony

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Phoetry is the combination of Photography and Spoken Word Poetry - a genre coined to describe where my passion is as a creative artist.

Turn your volume up and enjoy the lyrics and visuals of my soul.

Title: Still Life Symphony
Artist: Toni Payne
Spoken Word Poetry by Toni Payne
Year: 2022


I lay awake, mind bothered, flustered, trying to compose a visual song that would express the beautiful melody that my soul dances to.

Yellow Daffodils against green stems
take my imagination into another realm
I am composed, thoughtful, mindful, because I must experience this WAGMI in a place where it feels like it's just me...

But, I feel lost, jaded, I can’t get faded, almost relegated, left discombobulated... with only a GM left to give.
So, GM to the Symphony of my Still Life
So, GM to you.

This Artwork is available as a one of one NFT. There will only be 1 NFT of this Artwork.
The still image is also available as a limited edition run Physical Print. (Not included with NFT)