The Screaming Sheep (Original Upload)

Minted on Aug 15, 2021


This is Ophelia. I filmed "The Screaming Sheep" Easter Morning 2012 in Temple, NH, USA. She was freshly sheared a few days prior, which is why many mistake her for a goat, but you can rest assured she is a sheep of the Oxford breed. From April 2012 (when I posted it) until September 2012 The Screaming Sheep generated about 1000 views on Youtube, until one fateful day it hit the front page of Reddit and the rest is history. The Screaming Sheep has become one of the most beloved memes of all time, used by brands big and small across the world including Samsung, Dodge, Nickelodeon, MTV, TruTV, Rude Tube, Family Guy, Team Coco and many more. It was even featured in a Sprint commercial in the 2015 Superbowl.