The magical spirit dancers of the RR Cantina, Ai infused clip

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Genesis 1/1 Ai infused clip for the Tales of Time.
The wonderful burlesque dancers of the magical R,R Cantina.
This 14 sec clip, is a wonderful soft magical Ai infusion, that is remerged, by sundog, The intricate bejeweled Ai infusion, is perfect for these characters.
all my films have dancers in them, dance is the love and magic of creation,
it can encompass all emotions and sensations, both soft and hard, Jing and Yang, good and bad, and ultimately leaving the dancer in a sense of bliss and freedom.

working with film footage shot on RED digital cinema cameras by myself, Sundog, and fusing it with the brilliant AI Artistry from Ai artist @Psychederic
The delicate wonder, the Ai is adding to our film is mind blowing

Token, gets your name in the verse #1 metadata of the film as our genesis 1/1 Ai infused clip collector. This token grants Access to Tiered token gated experiences, incl private premiers, Wip and BTS screenings, workshops and our complex of virtual portal connected cinemas and dens in Spatial (Vr and Ar enabled_)

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