Henshin (˶>ᗜ<˵)✰´-

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Collaboration with DJ Kero and Saeko Ehara.
'Henshin' (変身) means 'transformation' in Japanese.

Saeko generated an anime image with Midjourney (AI) and then edited it using Adobe Photoshop to create a basic animation. Afterward, Kero added an analog video glitch, and Saeko incorporated an ASCII animation into the video.

Kero used a Holotron circuit-bent video glitcher, BPMC Premium Cable, BPMC Video Nasty, and a BPMC Modified AVE5. In the Eurorack modular setup, LFOs were used to control the CV inputs on the AVE5, utilizing the hither-dither for video feedback.

Size: 1920 x 1920 px
Duration: 3 sec (seamless loop)

The owner will be able to receive the MP4/MOV with full spec encoding.