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Artist: Yan Leyv, 21, born in Havana, Cuba, expresses his art through the body and soul of women; he uses photography as a base and canvas, human and asymmetric features make his pieces something unrepeatable.

Composer: Ernesto Cisneros is a Cuban pianist, arranger, and composer who, for more than 30 years, has developed an intense work in the musical field of the island. Focused on audiovisuals, he is one of the most prolific composers in the country, with more than 800 works recorded mainly for film and television.

Description: A coffee maker representing Cuban artists in the NFT world, growing steadily on rocky, barren, and isolated terrain, torrential rain and wind will not put out the signal fire. We are at the forefront, forming a part of history, rooted and grown in nothingness, which will not discourage us.

Every drop of coffee is fuel for Cubans worldwide; each NFT sale will help another Cuban artist.