Homemade Coffee

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Artist: Rafael Rodriguez was born and raised in Havana, Cuban; currently based in New York City. He never finished his studies at La Cujae University and started his music project "Yongolailan" with his friend, exploring the urban sounds of Havana and the island. Later, he became a video game artist through Vertex School Online and is currently doing freelance and 3D art for video games, films, and visual experiences. He specializes in Environment Art, and his goal is to create worlds that make us feel part of it, empathize with stories and connect with the audiences.

Music: Carlos J Martinez

Description: There's nothing like that feeling of enjoying a cup of coffee at home; the bliss in a sip, whether you are about to start your day or sitting to read a book. If you know the expression "coffee is my home", then this art piece represents the ultimate level, the homemade coffee.

Every drop of coffee is fuel for Cubans worldwide; each NFT sale will help another Cuban artist.