The King - #001

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Meet the King!
The King is a 5 years old kid that likes to be called the King.

NFT #001 - 1/1
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Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

This is the first NFT artwork that was made specially dedicated as an NFT item in the Foundation dApp. The real photo was taken by the King's Mother when the King was two years old. Three years later redrawn by the King's Father using chalk powder and touches of neon colors as an expression of gratitude.

An expression of gratitude to all fellow artists who helped to open the Father's journey as an NFT artist by inviting the Father to the Foundation dApp. The Father believes that the King and the Mother will appreciate all fellow artists that help.

Really very big thanks to all of you!

@MyReceipt - AMK - AHA. LLF.