What you don't see

Minted on Jan 3, 2022
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My First NFT Poem

'What you don’t see'

You think I’m always happy, you see me smile
It’s just the same old me
But today I cried for the hundredth time
And that’s what you don’t see.

I’m the class clown
The life of a party
You will always get a joke outta me
But the truth is I feel like I’m the joke
And that’s what you don’t see.

Most of the time I can socialise like anyone else
And I can come across as care free
But last night I danced with a thousand worries
And that’s what you don’t see.

I try to open up
I get told ‘positivity is the key’
But I’m locked inside my mind, a detainee
And that’s what you don’t see.

I put on a fake smile, fake laughter
A fake me
But what’s inside is an aching loneliness
And guess what...That’s what you don’t see
So try to look harder next time
When you sit and talk to me
Be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen
Be a Mate
Be a Brother
Be a Sister
Be a Father
Be a Mother
Be anyone you want
But most importantly, just be there for me.