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A remote single square mile of eroded sandstone accessed by long stretches of deep, soft sand in the middle of the desert. A challenging yet rewarding drive in a 4x4 vehicle results in an impressive, otherworldly desert expanse of extraordinary geology.

We may never know what created this place; some geologist proclaim that this is a result of "soft sedimentation" in the Jurassic period, while some believe it was the result of a huge sand-slide mass triggered by an earthquake.

I ventured around the place, and was captivated by the sandstone textures & bright blue frozen pond. I shot this image on my Sony A7riii converted to full spectrum infrared.

Infrared, or “IR” photography, offers photographers of all abilities the opportunity to explore a new world – the world of the unseen. Why “unseen”? Because our eyes literally cannot see IR light, as it lies just beyond what is classified as the “visible” spectrum – that which human eyesight can detect.