'Computed construction'

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This tribute piece is the climax of using historical reference, in honor of Herbert W. Franke.
Almost every aspect of this piece has references towards the pioneer in computer art/AI art. The aesthetics of the work showcase the most influential techniques used by Herbert troughout his whole career. The influences of his series 'precious oscillograms', 'Drakula' and 'Lissajous figures' are the fundaments of this artwork wich then has been interlaced with my own architecture work that has been used as the base image for the piece. Even the smallest details such as the 'seed' input is in honour of the pioneer(date, month, year of birth - date, month, year of passing).

The title of the work refers to two published books from Herbert called 'Art and Construction Mathematics and Physics' and 'Computer graphics, computer art'.

  • 50% percent of earnings will be donated to the Herbert W. Franke foundation
    ** The buyer will receive a 1/1 signed physical print of the piece.