Beauty in DeFi - Flippening

Minted on Aug 14, 2021
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This artwork refers to that possible moment in the future when Ethereum (or another altcoin) dethrones Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Flippening not only refers to a possible seismic moment in the future of cryptocurrency that can lead to numerous traders making or losing millions, but also refers to the unpredictability of the future and how our lives can be shaped by future events that we have no control over. A universal symbol of time and future, the hourglass in the artwork flips and twirls in space with the sands of time within flowing in complete uncertainty. With the flipping of the colourful hourglass, we are confronted with the indomitable force of the future and made to question whether we are prepared for a “flippening” to change the course of our lives.

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !