Beauty in DeFi - Ether

Minted on Jul 29, 2021
Created by


Inspired by Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain platform Ethereum, this artwork portrays the power and dynamism of the rapidly evolving universe of crypto technology as a divine, celestial female figure. Ether also signifies the vastness of the open skies and space which has been a recurring motif in the series.

In this artwork, a woman is the central focus as she floats in the ether with the constellations forming the symbols of cryptocurrencies behind Her. Even though Her poise is languid and relaxed, Her spirit is empowered. The intricate and sparkling patterns on Her dress seem to encompass the entire Milky Way, as if she is the Mother of the entire universe itself. This oeuvre invites the viewer to find their divine feminine energy and with its power, take control of their universe.

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !