Beauty in DeFi - The Oracle

Minted on Apr 24, 2022
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Mythologically, oracles were mystical figures that provided wise counsel to rulers and emperors by tapping into their cosmic powers of foresight and fortune telling. Today Oracles provide and validate vital info which exists externally to blockchains so they can execute their contracts on-chain.
In this artwork, Satoshi makes a reappearance in the form of a mystical Oracle wearing robes of vivid florals and a medallion bearing the Ether symbol. This incarnation of Satoshi retains the mysterious aura that was seen earlier in the series, but it also evokes a sense of great wisdom and forbidden knowledge that only a few can have the privilege of attaining. As overpowering the Oracle’s alluring presence and striking gaze is, we are left wondering what secret insight hides behind those mystifying eyes.

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !