Beauty in DeFi - Leverage

Minted on Apr 24, 2022
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In the explosive world of cryptocurrencies, the stakes are always high and with the help of leverage you can shoot for the moon provided you DYOR extensively.
With a disintegrating pattern in the foreground, this artwork captures the beauty and the explosive volatility of the crypto ecosystem, where some traders leverage almost everything in their pursuit of their goals. The blue haired personality makes a reappearance in this artwork, once again representing the enigmatic and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies. This mysterious figure is also an homage to all the women traders and “hodlers”, who make up 41% of crypto traders and growing. With this, the viewers are invited to reflect on what are they ready to leverage in order to achieve success? How much are we willing to put at stake to achieve our goals?

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !