Reflecticon (They Come In Dreams)

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Artwork by Ashley Christudason & Rob van der Lei
Soundscape by Richard Meade (Whirlin Merlin)

The will of the universe has brought together 2 artists to unify their creative aspects of consciousness, to create an artwork that pays homage to the triadic heart of the Sumerian Pantheon; Enlil, Anu & Enki. The collector of the 1/1 Animated NFT will also receive a monumental bonus gift - THE 1/1 physical painting of the artwork valued at 5000 Euros. Furthermore, the collector will also receive the High Resolution file of the animated NFT.

To know more info about the artwork and see video details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXQ-DeAB6Kj/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Physical Artwork Specs:
UV Ink and Acrylic paint on Vinyl and Dibond Board.
Height/Width/Depth : 77 x 105 x 0.8 cm

“They come in Dreams, to all mankind,
They come in Visions, to serve as guides.
They are “Those who from heaven came”.

For more info, contact Ashley Christudason at [email protected]