7H3 WI1D CH344Y

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When I saw this tree from the distance, I immediately knew that it will be perfect to capture.

I wanted a very minimalist composition to give it all the attention. The cloudy sky offers a gentle light and soft shadows, every part of the tree is visible.

That day, I took several shots with different wavelengths. I kept this one for the bold red color that gives a strong character to the final image.

A strong character that this tree needs!

Infrared photography is about looking beyond what we see, into the invisible. It's about revealing another version of the landscape around us. So, how does it look in visible light? Look at this image through the app Artivive to find out!

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Artist's name: Jonas | J0n45.eth
Collection's name: 1R 7R335 - The Ones
Title: 7H3 WI1D CH344Y (Pronounce The Wild Cherry)
Edition: 1/1
Light Spectrum: IR Chrome

Availability: NFT and Print (edition of 10)
Resolution: 5616 x 3744 px
Coordinates: 46.688795, 6.451663
AR feature using Artivive