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A serene scene that serves that reminds us to prioritize what truly matters. Amidst the myriad of opportunities, distractions, and obligations that surround us, it is imperative to discern which ones contribute to our personal growth and steer us in the right direction.

Using infrared light at 720 nm, only a fraction of the visible spectrum is captured. With the rcorrect white balance, the lush greenery transforms into a bright white hue, while the sky appears in a deep blue shade, creating a striking contrast.

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Artist's name: Jonas Hangartner
Collection's name: 1R 7R335 - Another Light
Title: F0CU5 (Pronounce: Focus)
Edition: 1/1
Light Spectrum: 720 nm

Availability: NFT and Print (edition of 10)
Resolution: 3671 x 5506 px
Coordinates: 46.779633, 6.528250