7H3 HUN73R

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Light is at the core of photography. On that day, the clouds were moving fast across the sky as I was trying to get the shot.

I've found myself waiting like a hunter until my prey would come out and light the subject I was aiming at.

The light is driving my passion. It creates exposure, contrast, and colors. It gives depth to an image and defines the mood felt when we look at it.

The Hunter is about chasing the light that will bring the subject to life!

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Artist's name: Jonas | J0n45.eth
Collection's name: 1R 7R335 - Another Light
Title: 7H3 HUN73R (Pronounce The Hunter)
Edition: 1/1
Light Spectrum: 665 nm

Availability: NFT and Print (edition of 10)
Resolution: 3671 x 4589 px
Coordinates: 46.499546, 6.178174