4 N3W 574R7

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This was my first time going out to shoot infrared on a cloudy day, and it went well! But when I got home to edit those shots, I felt terrible as I couldn't find a way to get the colors right.

I found out what was the problem a few weeks later, I was stuck in an editing routine. So I took a step back to rethink the start of my editing workflow.

Soon, I felt driven toward blue, and it was going to be my main color. I edited this image with a very peaceful and soft mood in mind.

This was perfect!

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Artist's name: Jonas | J0n45.eth
Collection's name: 1R 7R335 - Another Light
Title: 4 N3W 574R7 (PronounceA New Start)
Edition: 1/1
Light Spectrum: 665 nm

Availability: NFT and Print (edition of 10)
Resolution: 5515 x 3677 px
Coordinates: 46.528810, 6.211319