Land of Cacti

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If you look closely, you can see the cacti undulating in the heat. They look wavy & shimmery. It reminds me of some surrealist world or maybe a drug trip where you're not really sure what is actually happening or what is in your head.

The juxtaposition of worlds here, coastal and desert, makes Baja what it is. I call it 'the wild west' and I think this picture out of all from this trip might describe that best.

A place where fewer organisms such as cacti can thrive and live their best lives. A place where the mountains seem almost out of place & also too good to be true. A place that fills your eyes mostly with orange and yellows, especially as the amber dust coats everything that enters Baja.

Most of all, a place I hope retains its lawlessness, its purity, its little hospitality for anything other than what was native.