Symmetrical Asymmetry - Collectors Edition #2/5

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Symmetrical Asymmetry is a special edition distributed to existing collectors: 11/12/2022.

This is the start of my most significant body of work to date and I wanted to share a token of gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

We are surrounded by perfect and imperfect symmetries but the relationship of weight, form, and chaos still eludes us. Many have travelled this path and significant studies whether that be in symmetrical root formations, the cosmos or the micro continue to be a mystery.

I hope to explore if its lessons can lead us to a greater understanding of challenges we face and how we interpret our own circumstances.

This work utilises Generative Procedural Design within Houdini and is then composited and brushed in photoshop. The design language takes influence from the works of Ernst Haeckel among many others.