Matchbox 06: Peacock Tarantula

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The tree-dwelling spiders native to India and Sri Lanka are defined by their exceptional ability to hide. Tucked in silken retreats beneath rocks or in the hollows of ancient trees, they have discretely coexisted with locals, remaining unknown to the rest of the world.

Covered in metallic blue hairs with patches of intense saffron and bands of black and white, the peacock tarantula has an impressive track record of remaining hidden despite its striking iridescent appearance. It remains so well hidden that 102 years passed between its first two recorded sightings. 

Traversing forests with ladders and dental mirrors, researchers have only found this species in a single, highly fragmented location: a degraded and dry deciduous reserve forest in Andra Pradesh.

Scientific Name: Poecilotheria metallica
Local Name (Dialect): ٹرنٹولا / Tarantula (Urdu)
Location: India