4 - Release, with Jhen Scalco

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3111 x 4667 jpeg. "Release" was made in collaboration with Jhen Scalco, an artist who creates to materialize the madness. Release was created at a turning point, a cross-roads between faith, despair, hope and acceptance, what was and what could have been.

100 NUDE Shoots is the epitome materialization of my artistic research on portraying the human figure. 100 NFTs will be minted into this collection over the course of my life, in 100 collaborations with 100 different artists representing 100 possibilities for the same nude body, affected by time and by purpose.

Release is a necessity to Thrive. Thrive is the welcome consequence of Release.

"Thrive" is Release's pair, an editioned piece from the same photoshoot, on a separate contract, of which an edition will be gifted to every Release bidder every time it is auctioned and sold on Foundation — at an equal or higher price than paid for, if on secondary — regardless of bidders winning the auction or not.