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In your life you will probably only ever take a handful of significant photos. I don't mean photos that are significant to others, I mean significant to yourself. It may be the last photo you ever took of your mom or the first photo of your first child...that sort of thing. This photo represents one of those moments for me. Only one year previously I had a small but significant 'incident' whilst out on my own taking photos. Out of cell range and significantly disabled by the accident, I had to drag myself towards help. The incident is recorded on my blog so I won't go into it here, but needless to say it meant many months of rehab. Even now I'm not 100%, two years later...but this image was shot on my first solo outing after the incident. Unfit and unsteady, this location is an easy one for the able bodied but it took all of my courage and willpower to make it happen. Thankfully, mother nature gave me this as a round of applause.

Fotospeed Photographer of the Year 2020 winning photo.