The Exuberance of Childhood

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Presenting an award-winning photograph published in multiple National and International magazines and exhibited in India, this photograph is extremely close to my heart for many reasons.

Last monsoon in Bandra, Mumbai, I saw a little kid jumping out of the school bus in torrential rain, throwing away his school bag in the middle of the street and rushing to the crumbling auto-rickshaw parked at one side of the road. He didn’t bother about the weather and had no fear of his parents scolding him for this act…as if he was waiting for his moment of salvation.

While he tried his best to “kick-start” the otherwise “dead” machine in vain, his innocence and frisk that I observed closely, was quite envious to be honest. How often can you handle failure with such a wonderful sportsman spirit maintaining that unimpeachable glow on your face that too in such calamitous weather? Time to ponder!

Location - Mumbai, India

Edition – 1/1

Dimensions – 4016x5798

Tone – Black and white.