Endicott 'Blunderbuss' Fletcher

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Endicott 'Blunderbuss' Fletcher, a little boy whose father was a wicked pirate who does all sort of evil activities at the sea like robbing raping and killing sea travellers. The boy on the other hand was more evil than his father and does more evil than his father. Atrocities was his watch word. One day the pirates hijacked a ship towards the east, only to find a beautiful woman in the ship alone. His dad planned to rape the lady and do away with all the valuables in the ship not knowing the lady was a witch. She destroyed the pirates by making them die a miserably by exploding gradually from the toe to the head including Fletcher’s father. The witch looking at the little boy wanted to spare him but he stabbed the witch and she cursed him out of anger. She cursed him that he would never be able leave the sea for eternity cos it would be his prison forever. Until now Blunderbuss still roams the sea looking for innocent souls to devour...