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Doodles was supposed to be funny, that’s what his costume said. But since he came to the town, the people wore a dreadful frown. His smiles have death sentences boldly written on them and his last words to you are dreadful laughter before he rips off your heart. Doodles can be seen at twelve midnight each day seeking for whom to devour. His costume is a disguise,a demon lies beneath it. He comes from hell to torment the already tormented town. He'll make you dread the day your born. He thrives on blood and feeds on your fears and your sorrows. The clown is a killing machine and with a sharp teeth as sharp as a razor, he'll slash your throat. His bony hands have sharpened claws that will tear your heart out from your chest and break your ribs. There's no escape once he is dawn on you. He can't be stopped cos relentless is his punishment. He is getting ready as we speak

Are you prepared to meet him? Muahahaha ❗️