The meeting

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First time meeting someone, it could be business related, a date or a number of other possible reasons to meet someone.

Whether you are comfortable with the person or not, you can feel very anxious about going somewhere, perhaps you have never been to the place. Perhaps you are anxious about public places, or simply just anxious about any other human being.

What will you say? Will the conversation be smooth?

Will the person like you?

You may feel warm or shaky, but all of these reactions and thoughts are normal. Anyone saying otherwise is most likely not telling the entire truth, or may have a world yet to experience.

Sometimes those moments end up being the ones you remember the clearest, so try and learn to cherish it and be yourself.
Accept yourself, love yourself.

Are you on the opposite side of the table? Then you can learn to make any other person comfortable. This may be something you never considered relevant, but consider that the majority of artists are introverts. Artists are interesting right?

The piece depicts the inner fights we can have as humans, and I am expressing it through art.

Made with an artificial intelligence tool called DALL-E 2.