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They began as formless shapes; brought unto us by fallen celestial debris, from a galaxy far beyond our own. Within their incandescence is a primeval desire to exist as demiurges — decisive powers of unimaginable breadth. Not much else is known about them, say for their notoriety as demons. They have seldom appeared before humankind, often during one's darkest hour, whispering promises of grandeur and eternity — intent on devouring the human chaos, that of which may grant them a corporeal form.


"ASTRAL DEMONS" are A.I generated pieces that have been composited and modified using image editing software. Each piece has been sent through an analog signal chain via conversion, which rendered the edited image directly onto a CRT TV manufactured between the year(s) 1990 & 2002. All of the artwork was glitched and color-graded using a variety of video synthesis hardware, then, polished using video editing software.

Video Size: 2000 x 2000px
TV Model & Year: Sylvania, 2002