Who really Cares

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It was as if all those emotions were back at once
To torment the mind
The east wind clusters with the North wind
The west wind clusters with the south wind
And there was a cloud of dust all over the room
The center couldn’t hold still
It was all like a nightmare that I prayed to wake from.
And then there came a silent voice like a bug on the head It whispered to my ear
Does your existence really matter?
Do they really care about you?
Who really cares?

Indisputably, we all are sometimes subjected to our nightmares,
many have successfully eradicated such subjugation while some have drastically been enslaved by such thoughts.
I have stumbled upon some set of people that feel it’s irrelevant to discuss the issue of mental health of which I see as being inhumane. Nevertheless, I feel mental health is just as important as physical health.
Year: 2020
Size: 36 x 30inches
Medium: Oil colour on Canvas

*The collector of this piece gets the original painting delivered to any country.