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We were looking for a sign(al) that WAGMI when the lightning came...

Photograph produced in collaboration by Hugo Faz and Luiz Leles, Brazilian independent photographers / visual artists, splitting the revenue for the NFT. Taken in São Paulo, Jan 31st, 2020. Minted Oct 1st, 2021.

4500 x 6750 px jpeg.

The photograph, originally named "Give Me a Sign(al)", although extensively praised on the artists' social media and frequently reproduced without the authors' authorization, never made a print sale. The photograph will be now licensed as CC0 (Creative Commons ZEro) upon its primary 1/1 NFT sale, becoming from then on completely and permanently free to use, personally or commercially, by anyone in the world, taking effect once the NFT has been sold.


3stelAd4n is about empowering talented but marginalized artists from the third world — where opportunities are scarce and exchange rates are cruel — straight to the only world that matters now: that of web3 and NFT!