Shadow Dress

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4347 x 2902 jpeg photograph.

Signed archival quality print to be shipped worldwide to primary collector of the NFT upon request.

Free woman, artist soul, empathy first, ruled by affections, leo zodiac, lion hearted. Multi award winning photographer and visual artist Jhen Scalco uses photography as a means of expression and has in the human element the base of her work, self-portraying and portraying other humans. "I photograph to materialize the madness". Her work is charged with symbology and affective meaning, drawing a high dose of intimacy over a fine line between fiction and reality in an oneiric and delicate atmosphere.

NU NFT is an initiative to curate and launch to the NFT space groundbreaking artists from the 3rd world hindered by language and monetary barriers. We believe in the power of web3 to burn global asymmetries. Our proceeds go to further sponsoring new talented artists' genesis mints, building community, educating and onboarding 3rd world artists and collectors.