On the Edge of Space

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I love the story of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The movie's plot unfolds around a single shot that had to become the cover of the last issue of an iconic magazine. If you have watched the movie, you could understand my excitement after I learned that this work of mine was chosen for the cover of the last issue of a magazine that had been published for 80 years and for a long period of time its publisher was the Australian Academy of Sciences - www.australasianscience.com.au

I deeply respect the work of the people that dedicated their intelligence and labor to science. These days, when our civilization establishes its presence in space, the leading role of science for human progress and prosperity is overlooked in specific circles. What better occasion than that to remind how and thanks to whom we have come to the edge of space at a moment when the term metaverse is gaining buzz and this idea is seen as the next big thing in front of the networked society?

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