The Milieu of Life - An NFT Performance

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AN NFT performance of Block's poem “The Milieu of Life” First in his “Life Sees Collection” Full HD to the winning bidder.
Weaving through the milieu of life,
striving, strife
Recompense origins whence
Making sense
How can it be, is it just me?
I try I strive, I'm still alive
Calling falling life enthralling
Where to now, help somehow.
Stress test, manifest conquest, cannot rest
Am I up or am I down,
saving face, do not drown,
Wait wait, what sign is this,
Rising up from a filthy mist?
Twitter, Twitter little star
Show me where my followers are
Taking refuge in your spaces,
Shooting breezes, making cases.
Finding meaning building bases
Clicks, groups, throwing loops
Building bridges, blazing trails,
Glorious hope, settling sale
Bequeathing ETH shilling tweets
Like me like me follow anxiety
When next sale transaction fail
Keep on Shilling, not fulfilling.
Bingeing sessions, spouse confessions,
Crypto whale, check my sale.
I reduced my rates,
Ah Shite!!!!
Gas inflates!