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INSIDE FOLDS is a 27sec frame by frame animation looped twice combined with sound originally being recorded on a 32cm tape loop and further processed for the final video loop.
I have been dealing with anxiety for some time and started to focus on little things that soothe me such as looking at striped fabric. Trying to dive into patterns that are being created by the stripes & folds. Trying to not be stressed by the things around me. In 2021 I have already painted these fabrics on paper, canvases and a 25m high wall. This time I wanted it to become alive by animating it with hundreds of single frames.

In addition to the NFT you get the original physical one-of-a-kind tape loop shipped as an additional collectors item.
 Tape player not included. Find pics of it on my Instagram (@boicut).
Please get in touch with me for further details!
54 second video loop
mp4 (1500x1800px)
Vienna/Austria, 2021
Headphones recommended.
Sound & Animation: BOICUT