Dirty Danes

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Royal Danish Air Force began to paint its aircraft in the standard color known as SM/67, olive green (matt), during the late 1960’s. This color was very effective against Danish landscapes. Even though it was finished in just one color, the paint faded quite rapidly and unfortunately gave the aircraft an untidy appearance, although they were in fact very well maintained. After some time in service, the paint was usually touched up, but the weathering effects and consistent ‘touch-ups’ inadvertently resulted in a unique camouflage pattern. The worst weathering was probably caused by the fact that the aircraft were mostly parked outside in the elements, specifically during the harsh Danish winters. The weak matt paint durability problem was solved during the late 1970’s when aircraft were re-painted in an extremely gloss variant of the same color, but this clearly reduced camouflage efficiency due to the monotone high shine of the aircraft surfaces.

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