Matamoros, Mexico, 1978 (1)

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From his first visit in 1975, he was immediately captivated by the vibrant life in the streets of Mexico. While his early black and white photos often feature stark, striking graphics, his foray into color photography starting in 1978—inspired by the light and color of the Mexican streets—marks a turning point in his work.

Throughout his work from Mexico, his rich compositions create compelling visual complexity—‘La Calle’ features strong, saturated colors, which evoke haunting, enigmatic scenes of the everyday. “I work extremely intuitively. I wander, I respond,” he says. “Am I aware of certain elements rationally at times? Sure. But I think that often when I am more aware of them, it usually means that the picture falls flat.”

Webb somehow manages to capture these surprising scenes, which add an otherworldly poetry to the genre of street photography.